Logistics sector is carried to Industry 4.0 by digitalizing. Freight Carriers, Freight Logistics Companies and Truckers, services in Logistics industry including Rubber, Repair, Service, Warehouse, and similar Service Providers are brought together based on location, on the web-based digital platform and the TIRPORT YükCepte application for smartphones.

It can also provide service as an efficient ERP tool to manage logistics operations for logistics companies and freight factories.

With our advanced AGS kits, which can be mounted to the truck’s OBD Ports and cabins, the navigation safety of the vehicles can be assured in multi-dimensional. With the IP based route camera, while front-driving safety is ensured, and the driving is recorded, the cold chain control of the products on the truck is carried out with the Bluetooth sensors and the pressure level in the truck tires can be monitored instantly.

The driving safety system, integrated with TIRPORT, inform the relevant insurance company, the load and the vehicle owner instantly by detecting the accident at the time of the vehicle accident and generating the dynamic accident report which contains all the driving safety information about the vehicle.

In cases where the value of the transported loads is high, there may be additional security demands beyond the electronic security systems to be placed in the trucks. In this case, it is important that a person who is experienced in transportation safety is physically accompanied.

AB Plus has developed T-Security with its own power about location-based matching in order to share a portfolio that is composed of reliable security personnel pool, with needers based on location, and for application-based management of this operation.

With “En Yakında” that is another application of AB Plus, you can have instant access to “available” and “reliable” service providers that can provide any kind of service you may need at any time and place from your mobile phones. From lawyer to veterinarian, from locksmith to painter, from florist to grocery store, all of them are on your hand.

You will reach the tractor you will need in the case of emergency, you will find the available dentist for your child who has a tooth problem at 03:00 in the night, you will urgently call the translator for your ongoing meeting.

En Yakında will be your personal assistant in your pocket. With the motto of “Require Enough”, it turns the service into a giant electronic marketplace.

Staffin, with the motto  “Everytime, Everywhere“, it provides instant access to the Staffin Application on the mobile phone in the business opportunities you are looking for. Whether you are a full-time, part-time or freelance interest, you can make an application for a job by practicing. Staffin provides an innovative approach to human resources. It gives the people the power to immediately reach the people they are looking for and offer the information to the job. In addition, the candidate expects his quick prioritization with performance evaluation and live reference inquiry services. Staffin is the easiest and easiest way to get to the right people quickly, and be a candidate for the candidate.

It is an innovative business model that we have developed to be a location-based solution for human resources in every position needed in the hotel, restaurant and cafe industry.

Those who want to work full-part time, who want to earn extra money with additional work and the needs of the Hotel, Café and Restaurants are brought together on the digital platform by sorting candidates based on qualitative and experience categorization with location-based.

Employee candidates will become members of the HotelStaff App, so that they can be immediately informed about business opportunities that will suit their location or the region they expect.

AB Plus is preparing to make a revolutionary touch at the toy industry with an extraordinary technology project. Although it is made with jigsaw pieces with developed smart toy kits, new generation smart toys have been prepared as they are able to move, talk, perceive voice command. Most importantly, these toys can be easily programmed and remotely controlled via i-toys application on mobile phone.

With these kits, children will be able to design an unlimited number of objects and produce products, give them movement with mobile phones, and also make acquainted with algorithm engineering and programming.


Have you ever had to look at thousands of photos on the phone, struggled in order to find out a video or picture that you took in the past?

AB Plus provides the solution for this problem with Speak2Cam. The new generation camera application which we have developed enable you to take pictures and videos with your phone by adding voice tags, location, company, time and so on… Then they are automatically inserted the image file. Moreover, the application allows index your contacts in the taken photos by separating them from photos with artificial Intelligence-guided smart face identification technologies. So, you will no longer be looking for picture and video. You will have everything on your hand.

To reach a picture, you need to write your name, location, time or just say them to your voice assistant.

AB Plus introduces you to an extraordinary number game: NG (Number Games)

While the numbers are dancing on the screen, you race with numbers and directories to put them in order. You try to match the relationships between numbers and quickly match-up while trying to make no mistakes on the one hand. It will be an addictive experience.

In recent years, gastronomy has been a favorite whereas technology is indispensable part of life. AB Plus combines gastronomy with the technology, under Gurme Plus. AB Plus adds value to gastronomy sector and enriches your food & beverage experiences by combining its specialties about location-based mobile technologies and artificial intelligence algorithms, with gastronomy culture.

While Gurme Plus is preparing to release mobile applications for essential products in gastronomy, you should get ready for going on a gourmet journey with these applications.